Tuan X


Brooklyn-bred emcee, singer and actor, Tuan X, is using his music to make change.

A Tale Of Two Cities - EP (DIGITAL)

ATOTCEP Cover.png
ATOTCEP Cover.png

A Tale Of Two Cities - EP (DIGITAL)


Inspired by his tour of London & Paris, 'A Tale Of Two Cities - EP' received one nomination for Best Hip-Hop Song & won Best Urban EP in the 2014 Independent Music Awards.

Track Listing:

1. We Get Lifted (3:44) 
2. Recalled To Life by Reynold Martin (2:07)
3. On The Boulevard (3:11)
4. The Golden Thread by David Fasanya (1:45)
5. Just Believe (4:21)
6. The Track Of A Storm by Kyle Shedrick (1:12)
7. Tagged (Turn Me Up) (3:32)
8. When You Come Home [Bonus Track] (4:03) 

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